Sci Fi Factory's Events

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to our Pot Luck Celebration for Jason's 2nd place SCG Finish! We had nearly 60 people!!
The Basics:
Monday:             MtG Standard
Tuesday:              Board-game & Pathfinder Night!
Wednesday:       Pokemon league night
Thursday:             Magic the Gathering Booster Draft night
Friday:      Friday Night Magic!
Saturday:            Yu-Gi-Oh, Warhammer 40k ,D&D w/ Pathfinder mixed in, THG MtG
Sunday:               Cardfight Vangaurd, Klub Kaiju, Heroclix

NOTE: Every day is open play! If there is room, you can use the tables for a pick up game. If you want to use the space for a group game just let us know you are coming. 
10716 N. Beach Street
Fort Worth, TX 76244


New CollectiblesPreviews Cover-March 13 Back

Use the link above (the picture) to stay up to date with current new release collectibles (and other cool stuff). 

Business Hours:
Monday:12pm to 9pm
Tuesday:12pm to 9pm
Wednesday:12pm to 9pm
Thursday:12pm to 9pm
Friday:12pm to 10pm
Saturday:10am to 10pm
Sunday:12pm to  6pm


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