Sci Fi Factory's Staff Bios

Nicole's Bio:
  "My name is Nicole. I am an expert at rallying the troops together by using my sense of creativity, perseverance, and humor. I am witty and clever and tell jokes and stories to lighten things up. I love to be the center of attention and lead others by my enthusiasm.
In my life there is Harry Potter followed by breathing and because of this terribly strong passion I suffer from a severe case of PPD, which is also known as post-potter depression.
I L-O-V-E Captain America equally as much as Harry Potter. Cap exemplifies American morals, beliefs, and represents a lost era of chilvary.
I am the "jack of all trades" here at SciFi Factory. I enjoy playing Magic the Gathering, reading comic books, using tactica in Warhammer 40k, and dominating at video games!"

Anthony's Bio:
  "Hey there my name is Anthony, aka The Talent....ok that may not be true but what is true is my love for comics. If you have any questions involving Marvel, DC, IDW or ANYTHING involving superheroes I am your guy.  I'm a lover of Green Lantern, Captain America, and anything from the 80's. I hope to become a film maker someday. Anthony Daniels once asked me for a job (TRUE STORY). I'm a fun loving guy and easy to talk to. I am THE comic guy here at the SciFi Factory. "
10716 N. Beach Street
Fort Worth, TX 76244


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