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Welcome to the Sci Fi Factory, where we build fun on the factory floor by assembling all the unique products of the gaming world! We specialize in the nuts and bolts of games, comics and collectibles. We carry a full line of video games (new and used), collectible card games (CCGs), miniatures, board games, RPGs, dice, comic and gaming supplies, as well as hobby supplies from the industry's top manufacturers.
Play Friday Night Magic at Area 51

We Buy, Sell, and Trade everything in the store! This includes video games and comic books. Where else could you trade in some of your collections and get a video game with it?

Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to customer service and getting you the parts you need to build a gaming experience to remember. So.... bring your comic book collectors, online warriors, dark elves and gaming champions to where the perfect day off, evening with friends, or family game night is BUILT.

We at Sci Fi Factory pride ourselves on bringing you diverse gaming products featuring both the new and the classic. If there is something in the factory we don't already have, just let us know and we will find it for you with no minimum purchase required. Our dedicated employees are knowledgeable about both our gaming, literature, video game, and comic products and NEVER work for a commission or push products to meet goals. Our mission is to help you enjoy your gaming and literature experience. Sci Fi Factory maintains a large, clean and open store which also provides drinks and snack purchases for your convenience. Additionally, our tournaments are well-organized, efficiently run, and designed to make sure there is equal and fair competition for all levels of experience. We can even teach you the games if you are just starting out.

The Sci Fi Factory’s top priority is customer satisfaction and fun!

Journey Into Nyx GOD PACK!!
Huge congrats to Sam who pulled the ONLY God Pack at our midnight release! The pack contained ALL 15 gods, at a total value of $173 when he opened it. These packs are disguised as normal boosters--come in May 3rd and grab a couple to try your own luck!
News and Upcoming Events
Check out our calendar for all the latest events going on at Sci Fi Factory Today!
Super Hero Saturday Photo Gallery is now Posted! Have a photo that you'd like to share? Email it to us at scififactory@gmail.com. 
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New CollectiblesPreviews Cover-March 13 Back

Use the link above (the picture) to stay up to date with current new release collectibles (and other cool stuff). 

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